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So what is copyediting?

The bulk of a manuscript's editing journey is spent in the copyediting phase. This level of editing focuses on correcting grammatical errors and improving readability.

Once you are satisfied with the big-picture elements of your manuscript, you are ready to move into a more detailed edit. Copyediting works to ensure your manuscript is not only free from errors but also consistent and cohesive.

A copyedit can focus on aspects of your manuscript including:

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Usage

  • Flow

  • Consistency

When I copyedit your manuscript, I make edits and leave comments concerning any questions or suggestions I want to bring up. After that initial edit, you take the marked-up manuscript, review the edits, and respond to any comments. Once you're done with the first round of author revisions, I take the manuscript and implement changes as needed. Depending on your manuscript, we could go through up to three rounds of edits before arriving at a final product.

If you're ready for this step in the editing process, let's get talking and get that ball rolling!


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