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Dedication. Punctuality. Ingenuity.

Each service is customized to fit your project's needs. If you don't see anything that perfectly fits what you're looking for, feel free to reach out and we can discuss how to tailor the service to your project.

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Proofreading is focused on correcting critical technical flaws in the text. It is the last step before sending your work off into the world, the last chance to catch those glaring errors that take your writing from outstanding to embarrassing.

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A manuscript evaluation is a preliminary diagnostic tool that can identify areas in need of improvement and highlight strengths and potential. Perfect for when you're ready for another set of eyes but don't know quite what kind of help your work needs. 

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A developmental edit works to refine your writing and bring your intended goals to the surface. This phase takes a big-picture view of the manuscript, looking at organization, plot, characters, pacing, tone, setting, and dialogue.

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Copyediting corrects spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation issues in your manuscript. Depending on the state of your writing, this phase could include a more involved edit on flow, consistency, and readability.

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